Emma Stone reveals her girl crush: Christina Hendricks

There is zero hesitation when Emma Stone is asked who her girl crush is.

Christina Hendricks,” says Stone in a new interview with The Advocate. “It’s a no-brainer. Everything about her does it for me. That’s my kind of woman.”

And we’d just like to be the first to say that they’d make a super-hot couple. Except that in real life Stone is dating “Amazing Spider-Man” co-star Andrew Garfield and she’s not giving up any details about her personal life.

Still, the article is well worth the read. Stone — star of “Easy A,” “Friends with Benefits,” “Crazy, Stupid, Love” and “The Help” — talks about the roles to which she’s drawn.

“My ultimate goal is to continue doing movies with some sort of message that can make a change, like ‘Easy A‘ or ‘The Help‘,” says Stone. “Because that’s what good movies do for me: They teach me and bring injustices to my attention.”

Stone advises any men who want to dress as her for Halloween to go with a red wig — even though she’s not (like her crush Christina Hendricks) a natural red head.

She also answers the all-important question “Are you a tomboy or a girly girl in real life?”

“It depends on the day,” says Stone. “I’m a solid party mix of both.”

We’ll have some of that.

Read the full article at The Advocate.


Christina Hendricks’ Six Secrets to Staying Healthy, Fit, and Sexily Confident

As a child growing up in Twin Falls, Idaho, Christina Hendricks knew of at least one four-letter “F” word that was off-limits. (No, not that one.)

Raised in an extremely supportive home, Hendricks knew not to utter the word “fail.” The actress, who most notably plays sassy, sexy secretary Joan Harris (née Holloway) on AMC’s hit drama Mad Men, says that her parents instilled in her and her brother a fearless attitude and an open mind.

“My mom never thought there was anything we couldn’t do. If we wanted to do it, she’d say, ‘Well, let’s figure out how to do that,’ whether it was dance or theater,” Hendricks says. If an experience didn’t turn out as successfully as her kids hoped, Mama Hendricks would spin it as a lesson to learn from — instead of a failure to dwell on.

Hendricks, who has teamed up with the maker of the eyelash-lengthening drug Latisse to help raise donations for the Make-a-Wish Foundation through LatisseWishesChallenge.com, believes that her mom’s can-do spirit helped build her own red-carpet confidence today. And she wishes more women would adopt such an outlook in their own lives — and maybe even take a cue from the one and only Ms. Holloway.

“Joan is an inspirational character,” Hendricks says. “People are really supportive of her, I think, because she’s sort of a survivor. She gets knocked down and she gets right back up again.”

But lest you think Hendricks has it all figured out, she’s the first to admit her health and happiness are always works in progress. “I’m constantly trying to learn how to be healthier and take tips from people,” she says. “You have to remind yourself all the time.” Here’s some of the best advice she’s taken to heart:

  1. Exercise with a buddy. Although Hendricks says that she’s not a gym rat at heart, scheduling training sessions with her husband, actor Geoffrey Arend, provides good incentive. “We try to work out together because it makes it so much more fun — and it makes the time go by quickly,” she says. Continue reading

Christina Hendricks: New Theme!

As you can see, a new theme is up! I got really inspired with those new photos and I hope you like the result. Comments are <3

Christina Hendricks: “Lucky” August 2011

Christina Hendricks wears Donna Karan New York on the cover of Lucky magazine’s August 2011 issue, on newsstands Tuesday (July 5).

Here’s what the 36-year-old Mad Men star had to share:

On dressing her famous curves: “I have to be careful about my proportions and keep it simple. What works for me is structure and something that shows my waist.”

On her least favorite outfit: “It’s really hard to find a bathing suit if you have breasts. You either get smooshed down or there’s no support. My husband and I have sketched out designs.”

On her go-to designers when on the red carpet: Vivienne Westwood for drama, L’Wren Scott for her perfect tailoring and body consciousness and Zac Posen for whimsy.”

On why she, a natural blonde, dyed her hair at 10: “I was obsessed with Anne of Green Gables, so I wanted red hair. My mom said, ‘I’ll throw a rinse on it.’”

For more from Christina, including her picks from Etsy and eBay, visit LuckyMag.com!

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Christina Hendricks: Missing Photoshoots

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