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Christina Hendricks talks Ryan Gosling and ‘The Pirate Fairy’

Christina Hendricks joined co-star Tom Hiddleston at Disney’s D23 Expo to introduce their forthcoming animated film, “The Pirate Fairy,” which takes the pair inside Tinkerbell’s world of Pixie Hollow.
As for whether Hendricks plays a naughty or a nice fairy, she tells Zap2it, “I’m a ‘curious’ fairy. And I’m a spunky, scrappy fairy.” The “Mad Men” star says her Disney character Zarina “wants to sort of broaden her horizons, and gets in a little trouble … and turns into a pirate.”
Hiddleston, who plays a cabin boy destined to become the legendary Captain Hook, gave us a sneak peek at his singing chops since he performs a “swashbuckling pirate song” in the film. And Hendricks says she also dabbles in a bit of song — keeping it in the Disney family, of course. “I still find myself singing ‘Little Mermaid’ songs at home,” she says.
“Pirate Fairy’s” director, Peggy Holmes, says Hendricks has all the qualities necessary for the role of Zarina. “Look, we’re creating a pirate fairy,” Holmes tells Zap2it. “It’s never been done before. And she needed to be tough, but vulnerable. … The first time [Hendricks] spoke, at the first record, we were like, ‘Oh, there’s our pirate fairy.'”
Another film Hendricks recently completed is “How To Catch a Monster,” Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut. Hendricks says “it was amazing” working with the first time director. “He’s absolutely incredible,” she boasts of Gosling. “And I have to say it was probably one of the most creative projects I’ve ever gotten to work on.”
So, no rookie mistakes on Gosling‘s first tome out? Apparently not. “He was cool as a cucumber, that guy,” says Hendricks. “He knew exactly what he was doing.”
“The Pirate Fairy” is due in theaters March 3, 2014. “How To Catch a Monster” is also expected next year.
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Christina Hendricks: “How To Catch A Monster” Picked Up By Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has picked up the US rights to Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut, ‘How To Catch A Monster’. Warner is reported to have acquired the thriller for a minimum of $3 million, give or take, ahead of the film’s debut at Cannes Film Festival. Gosling penned the fantasy script that follows a “single mother is swept into a dark underworld, while her teenage son discovers a road that leads him to a secret underwater town,” according to IMDb.

How To Catch A Monster’ includes a cast line-up of Christina Hendricks who is best known for her role in ‘Mad Men’. She previously worked with Gosling in ‘Drive’. Saoirse Ronan (Hanna), Matt Smith (Doctor Who), Rob Zabrecky (After the Triumph of Your Birth), and Gosling’s ‘Place Beyond the Pines’ co-stars Ben Mendelsohn (The Place Beyond the Pines) and Eva Mendes (The Other Guys), are also on board the actor’s first film. Gosling is currently filming in Detroit near the Masonic Temple with plenty of set pictures now hitting the web.

While Gosling isn’t saying too much about the film and what fans are in store for, Doctor Who’s Matt Smith has said Monsters has “a wonderful Lynch-ian quality to it.” Smith also spoke about how he was cast in the fantasy feature. “I was in New York and I was about to fly back, and then I got a phone call saying Ryan wanted to meet me and come over. So I read his film and I thought it was brilliant. And then I auditioned and we spent about four hours together doing some stuff, and he filmed it on his iPhone. And that was it. And now I’m going off to shoot it in a couple of weeks.”


Christina Hendricks: Tacori “City Lights” Jewelry Collection Launch

Christina Hendricks attended the Tacori “City Lights” Jewelry Collection launch in West Hollywood last night (October 9).

In related news, Christina recently told press that after working with Ryan Gosling on “Drive” in 2011, she was overjoyed that he wanted to cast her in his directorial debut “How to Catch a Monster.”

Christina gushed,

“He’s everything you want him to be! He’s amazing, yeah. He’s very polite, he’s very lovely. My manager called and said, ‘Ryan Gosling wants to call you, is it ok if I give him your number? And I was like, “YES! Yes, of course it’s OK!’”

“So I think I was a bit excited and nervous when he called, and then he said he’d been writing this script and he’d imagined me in this lead role, and would I take a look at the script. And I said, ‘Send it on over.’”

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Christina Hendricks Spills On Her New Ryan Gosling Movie

When it was announced that Ryan Gosling would be directing his first movie, a fantasy film that he wrote, and he had cast Christina Hendricks in the lead role, the project quickly became Vulture’s new favorite movie before even a frame of footage had been shot. “That’s a good place to start!” enthused Hendricks when we caught up with her today at the Toronto Film Festival. So how did the movie come about? Did Gosling ring her up and say simply, “Hey girl, I’ve got a script for you?”

“I don’t think he said ‘Hey girl,’ but the rest of it’s true,” laughed Hendricks, who says it was “crazy flattering” to get the offer. “His first big film, and he could have gotten anyone!” she said. “It was very heartwarming and the biggest compliment ever.”

According to Hendricks, Gosling first got in touch with his Drive costar a few months ago to say that he was writing a script with her in mind, and would she be interested in reading it? But that wasn’t all: “He sent the script over in this cool box with an interesting little key, and cool artwork in it,” recalls Hendricks. “It was like the full package! And then I read the script and was in love with it, so I called him back and said, ‘Yeah, please.'”

Entitled How to Catch a Monster, the film casts Hendricks as a single mother “supporting two children and trying to provide a home for them and a place of comfort in a continuously harder place to be,” explains the actress. “And I find myself working in this very surreal club that gets me into a sort of predicament, and in the meantime, these boys are off on their own adventures and they discover this underground city.”

Sounds ambitious. “I don’t know what the exact budget is, but I think we’ve got a nice amount,” said Hendricks. “I’m sure it will be incredibly clever, and Ryan already has storyboards and pictures of neighborhoods and homes, and he’s already collecting music for it … when you read it, it gives you the feeling, maybe, of a memory. Something from your childhood that you can’t really pinpoint.”

One last thing: Exactly what kind of club does her character work in? Are we talking “gentlemen’s club”? “Book club,” perhaps? Hendricks thought the question over, unsure whether she should say. “Fetish club,” she allowed. “Fetish club.” Yeah, that ought to tide us over for a while.


Christina Hendricks To Star In Ryan Gosling’s Directorial Debut, “How to Catch A Monster”

According to a press release, Ryan Gosling will write and direct “How to Catch A Monster,” which is being described as a “modern-day fairytale.” Christina Hendricks, who co-starred with Gosling in “Drive,” will play the film’s lead, a single mother “swept into a macabre and dark fantasy underworld while her teenage son discovers a secret road leading to an underwater town.” (OK, then.)

“I am very appreciative to Marc Platt, Adam Siegel and Bold Films for being so supportive and I look forward to making this film with all of them,” the beloved actor-slash-internet meme said in a statement announcing “How to Catch A Monster.” Of Hendricks, the star had nothing but praise for her during the production of “Drive.”

“There’s no one really like her. She’s very meticulous about every detail,” he said last year.

This isn’t the first time Gosling has toyed with stepping behind the camera. He was set to direct “The Idolmaker” last year, but had to pull out of his commitment due to scheduling conflicts.

How To Catch A Monster” is set to start filming in the spring of 2013.

For more on the film, head over to Indiewire.