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Christina Hendricks Says “Mad Men” Has Surprises Left

Many fans of “Mad Men” have no idea how they’ll cope after the show wraps up its seventh and supposedly final season. Actress Christina Hendricks, who today picked up her fourth Emmy nomination for her role as Joan on the AMC period drama, doesn’t quite know how she’ll handle the end of the show either.

“It’s something we all have to deal with,”  says Hendricks, who is up for Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series.

Mad Men” began as a show that seemed nostalgic for a fading age of masculine power and privilege; it has increasingly become a study of women asserting their clout in the boardroom and the bedroom.

Beyond “Mad Men,” Hendricks has a full plate of projects including “God’s Pocket” (written and directed by her “Mad Men” co-star John Slattery) and “How to Catch a Monster,” directed by actor Ryan Gosling.

Shortly after today’s Emmy nominations were announced, the actress called up Speakeasy for a chat.

What are your thoughts about this latest Emmy nomination?

It’s amazing. It’s season six for us, so it’s so incredible people keep watching the show and they’re just as excited as they ever were. We wrapped the last episode in season six awhile ago, so the nomination is a nice reminder of the work that we’ve done and that everyone contributed. After the show wrapped we all ran away and did our own things. It’s nice to be brought home again.

What are your thoughts about the changing power relationship between men and women on the show?

I think it’s inevitable. [“Mad Men” creator] Matt [Weiner] is telling the story of changing times. It’s a decade when things are really shifting and very powerful things are happening for women. What I love about “Mad Men” is that there are many different female characters and it’s up to us to represent different kinds of women.

How are you feeling going into this final season of “Mad Men”?

The anticipation of it all ending is just kind of heartbreaking. We are all going to try to enjoy the final season as much as possible. It will be the most emotional.

You’ve played Joan for six seasons. How do you get a long-running character out of your system?

You might have to call me back in a year and a half! We were discussing that last night. Do you let yourself have some time to let it all go, or do you throw yourself into other work so you don’t sit around and wallow? I don’t know.

What are you working on next?

I just finished a movie with Ryan Gosling. And working with John Slattery was really amazing. I’m doing a film in a month called “Measure of a Man.” Then I get to go back and do my final season of “Mad Men.” Which I know will be extraordinary. I’m also doing a film of a Joan Didion book [“A Book of Common Prayer”] that has been made into a script.

Can you tell us what we’ll see in the final season of “Mad Men”?

I don’t have any idea. I’m sure Matt will surprise us all. I don’t know if anything in the final season will turn out how we expected it to,  Matt always challenges what people expect. I know he’s in his office working on the final season. I’ll know what happens when I get a script.