Admiring Christina Hendricks


Christina Hendricks and Geoffrey Arend practice ‘two-week rule’ in their marriage

Geoffrey Arend and Christina Hendricks know what it takes to keep a marriage of two actors going, at least for them.

“We’ve been very lucky so far,” ABC “Body of Proof” co-star Arend tells Zap2it about his union with AMC “Mad Men” regular Hendricks. “We’ve been working in the same city [Los Angeles], where a lot of times, you get split. When we got married, the day after, we both left to go to different places for movie jobs. I went to Toronto and she went to Atlanta.

“We didn’t see each other for two-and-a-half weeks. That kind of thing happens sometimes, but we have a two-week rule. Two weeks can’t go by without us seeing each other, and that’s helpful for the mind and heart. Also, we just got a new puppy, so that’s been keeping us home quite a bit. It’s like having a baby.”

The Season 3 episodes of “Body of Proof” — which began airing Tuesday (Feb. 19) with Arend back as pathologist Ethan — have been completed, while Hendricks is continuing filming as 1960s ad-agency partner Joan in the seventh season of “Mad Men” that debuts Sunday, April 7.

“The first season of each of our shows, we would at times pick up the other’s scripts and take a glance,” Arend reports, “but now, we really don’t. Honestly, after the first couple, I stopped reading the scripts for ‘Mad Men.’ It’s just such a joy to watch when it’s fully realized on the screen, I don’t want to spoil anything for myself.”

Hendricks guest-starred in an early episode of “Body of Proof,” and though he says he’d love to have her on the show again, Arend isn’t sure that’s in the cards.

“She’s got so much stuff going on right now, I honestly don’t think we could get her,” he muses. “She’s doing a movie with Ryan Gosling that he’s also directing (‘How to Catch a Monster’), then she has another one that sounds like a dream job. And, of course, she’s finishing out ‘Mad Men’ for the new season, so there really isn’t any time. Maybe if we get a Season 4 pick-up, she’ll come back.”