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Posted on September 11, 2012 / by Flo / in Articles and Interviews, Ginger & Rosa, Multimedia, Projects

Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks didn’t have to time-travel too much for her role in Ginger & Rosa.

Like her AMC series, the Emmy nominee’s new movie — which is part of the Toronto, Telluride and New York film festival  lineups — is set in the 1960s — 1962, to be exact.

The movie stars Elle Fanning as a teen who overhears her father (Alessandra Nivola) start an affair with her best friend (Alice Englert).

Hendricks, who plays Fanning’s mom, said she sent in a videotape audition from Los Angeles to writer-director Sally Potter, who was in England, to land the part. She has nothing but praise for Potter.

“Sally encouraged me probably to be the most unself-conscious I have ever been at work,” Hendricks told The Hollywood Reporter in the THR TIFF Video Lounge at the Toronto film fest. “Really sort of just stripping down as literally a no makeup on my face and just sort feeling naked and vulnerable and embracing it and being OK with it, and that was special.”

Nivola, meanwhile, had his own unique experience on the film, calling the director “so meticulous.” He revealed Potter would spend “a lot of time” before filming started staring at Nivola.

“It got really uncomfortable,” he said, laughing. “We would just sit in a room; this was part of our rehearsal process, apparently.”

About a week before filming began, “she decided that my eyelashes were too long and that they obscured my eyes and something had to be done about it,” Nivola said.

So before every take, a designated crewmember had to curl Nivola’s eyelashes up so they wouldn’t get in the way of the scene.


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