Christina Hendricks Talks Fashion on “The LOOK”

Opening up about her style and some of her favorite pieces in her closet, Christina Hendricks sat down with host Laura Brown for Harper’s Bazaar’s YouTube show, “THE LOOK“, which was released Wednesday (July 18).

Before doing a little vintage shopping, the “Mad Men” star dished about what she thinks her AMC character Joan Harris would shop for, opining,

“I think Joan would go online looking for entertainment. Serving trays and glassware, maybe some sort of tooth pick for cheese”.

As for how her own personal style has evolved over the past five years, Miss Hendricks admitted,

“I think I have learned a lot from being on “Mad Men” actually as far as tailoring, silhouettes and things like that”.

At one point, the actress took the host shopping through her favorite store of My Ulrika in Los Angeles – where they had the interview – and grabbed a gold coat off a rack while saying

“every girl should have a beautiful metallic coat for the evening.”