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Posted on March 11, 2012 / by Flo / in Articles and Interviews

Jon Hamm doesn’t think Christina Hendricks is a typical ”beauty”.

The 40-year-old actor thinks his ‘Mad Men‘ co-star is stunning, but doesn’t believe her curvy frame suits traditional notions of what is attractive.

He said: ”I can’t say ‘Mad Men‘ has changed anything. It’s a spike, a blip.

”I think Christina Hendricks is a beautiful woman, but we live in a culture where the beauty model is significantly different from Christina‘s silhouette. It shouldn’t be – those of us who live in real life realise, especially as we get older, that beauty isn’t just 22 years old, blonde, skinny with big t*ts.

”Those of us that have lived with and actually seen a real woman naked and made love realise there are many, many iterations.”

Jon admitted he feels pressure to take care of his appearance but feels grateful that his appeal doesn’t solely rely on his looks and physique.

He told Britain’s Elle magazine: ”There is obviously pressure to look a certain way, but I’ve also been very fortunate not to be known as the dude with the rock-hard six pack – I’ve never had to be that guy.

”Even if I have to take my shirt off, it’s OK if it doesn’t look like the cover of Men’s Fitness magazine. That’s a lot of work.”


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