Admiring Christina Hendricks


Christina Hendricks: “Mad Men” – Season 5 Teasers

In this week issue of Entertainment Weekly Christina HendricksElisabeth Moss (Peggy)  and January Jones (Betty) talk about the upcoming season of “Mad Men“.

On the aftermath of Don’s proposal to Megan in the season 4 finale
HENDRICKS : “This is a proposal that was announced in the workplace. Of two people who work in the same office. It’s obviously going to affect everyone around them.”
MOSS: “I felt the same as Peggy and Joan did [in the finale], where you’re just like, ‘What?’ And feeling nervous about it, nervous about it for Don. Just knowing who he is, that he finally started to live something that was at least true to himself, as much as he was going down hard in this downward spiral all of Season 4. Getting engaged again just felt like a quick solution, a Band-Aid. But that said, things are complicated and he fell in love. And when people fall in love quickly, it’s always surprising and you’re always a bit nervous about it.”

On what to expect from Joan
HENDRICKS : “You’re going to learn a lot more about where Joan comes from very quickly.”

On Joan’s pregnancy
HENDRICKS : “Just because we’ve left her pregnant doesn’t mean that there’s one option.”

On fan reaction to Joan’s romantic life
HENDRICKS : “A lot of people say, ‘I hope your husband dies at war,’ which is a horrible, horrible thing to say about someone. But [Greg] has left such a bad taste in people’s mouths that I get that comment even more than ‘We wish Joan and Roger were together.’”

On whether or not Hendricks wants to see Joan end up with Roger
HENDRICKS : “I don’t know, I think they’re sort of a hot mess together. But it’s hot regardless, so….”