Christina Hendricks: “Detachment” Official Trailer

“Do you ever think about who your teachers are on the outside?” Tribeca Films has debuted the official trailer for Detachment, starring Adrien Brody as a substitute teacher who observes and chronicles three weeks in the lives of several high school teachers, administrators and students. The cast includes Bryan Cranston, Christina Hendricks, Lucy Liu, James Caan, Tim Blake Nelson, Marcia Gay Harden, Blythe Danner and introducing Sami Gayle as Erica. This looks like a dramatic but intensely fascinating study of what life is like “in school”, for everyone, teachers and students. Give it a shot, it looks quite good!

A chronicle of three weeks in the lives of several high school teachers and students as seen through the eyes of a substitute teacher, who never stays anywhere long enough to form a bond with students or colleagues.

Detachment is directed by British filmmaker Tony Kaye, of the films American History X, Lake of Fire, Lobby Lobster and Black Water Transit previously. The screenplay was written by newcomer Carl Lund, who also produced. This premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last year, and played at the Woodstock, Hamburg and Tokyo Film Festivals. Tribeca Films is releasing it in theaters starting March 16th this year.