Christina Hendricks: “BlackBook” March Cover Story

In a month’s time, you’ll thrill to the Christina Hendricks cover story in the March issue of BlackBook. But meanwhile, here’s a little flash of what’s to come.

Ms. Hendricks will soon sail the seas of Madison Avenue once again in the new season of Mad Men, so it’s only fitting for this photoshoot that she emerges from the waves as every red-blooded male’s personal Venus. Lushly shot by master lensman Kurt Iswarienko, the pictorial accompanies Claire Bidwell Smith’s conversation with the sultry star. What’s on her mind? “I’m a very comfortable naked person,” Hendricks declares. “Not in front of other people, but at home and in front of my husband, I feel good not wearing clothes.”

Indeed. And incidentally, Christina‘s current favorite place to dine in LA is Dusty’s Bistro. Perhaps throw back a few mimosas there of an evening, and see who sashays in the door.

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