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Posted on September 22, 2011 / by Flo / in Articles and Interviews, Miscellaneous

When Mad Men star Christina Hendricks wore a gown by Aussie designer Johanna Johnson to the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards, her sales skyrocketed because of the exposure.

It’s only normal for well-known designers to get hectic and busy during awards season, but it’s a different story for Australian Johanna Johnson. Johnson, whose creation was worn by Mad Men star Christina Hendricks on the red carpet, has been making Christina Hendrick‘s gown for over a month due to its intricate details and beading.

Unlike other stars who opt for well-known designers such as Armani, Vera Wang and Alexander McQueen for their red carpet choices, Hendricks sought the services of Johnson when the actress discovered the designer through a stylist. The first Johanna Johnson piece Hendricks had was a cape she wore for a February premiere, which she then listed as one of her most favorite things along with the diamond earrings her husband gave her.

Upon learning Hendricks‘ interest, Johnson‘s team started to make a gown to present to the actress as an “Emmy potential” dress.

“We just made this custom piece for her to her measurements and I sent it to her as a gift and said ‘I’ve made it specifically for you” says Johnson in a post. When Johnson found out that Hendricks will wear her creation to the awards show, she immediately opened up an online store in hopes that fans will want the same look.

“The red carpet is incredibly powerful. It was literally within minutes of [Hendricks] walking on the red carpet that we recorded our first sale, and I would say by the end of the day we would have doubled on the previous day’s sales, and that’s probably being conservative.” Johnson said in a report by the Sydney Morning Herald.

The intricate dress landed Hendricks to many “Best Dressed” list, and was praised by the actress herself when interviewed about it on the red carpet. Hendricks described the dress as “extraordinary” before stating Johnson‘s name as the designer.

”I thought it was so beautiful, it was the only one I tried on” added the actress in the same red carpet interview.


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