Admiring Christina Hendricks


What’s on Christina Hendricks’s Vanity Table?

If you consider her role as sassy femme fatale Joan Harris (née Holloway) on AMC’s hit series Mad Men, it only makes sense that the gorgeous Christina Hendricks is a fan, and user, of Latisse. After all, thick, sexy lashes were beauty staples of the 60s. Think Marilyn Monroe, the icon to which Christina’s character is often compared. But her relationship with Latisse goes beyond voluptuous lashes: Christina is actually the campaign ambassador for the Latisse Wishes Challenge.

The fund-raiser, which benefits the Make-a-Wish Foundation, continues through November 30. Not only will Latisse double all donations up to $250,000, but the first 10,000 participants who donate a minimum of $20 will receive a Latisse free trial. What could be better than long lashes for a wonderful cause?

Christina has said, “I’ve always felt my lashes were short and thin, and in my profession I wear a lot of false lashes and makeup, which take a toll. So when Latisse became available, I was curious to learn more… Latisse is also a brand that contributes to children, and I couldn’t think of a better cause to support than the Make-a-Wish Foundation. When I was seven years old, I saw firsthand the difference a wish can make in the life of a child, when a girl in my class got her wish to meet Erik Estrada.” Being that the Make-a-Wish Foundation is 31 years old, both Christina Hendricks and the foundation have come a long way. What a perfect time to ask this fabulous actress our favorite question: “What’s on your Vanity Table?”