Admiring Christina Hendricks


Christina Hendricks Hopes Fans Aren’t Left Waiting

The situation with AMC’s Mad Men is a case where no news is not necessarily good news. Though everyone is proceeding under the assumption that the acclaimed drama will be back for a fifth season, a huge question mark — one shaped like a dollar sign — looms over the when, seeing as series creator Matthew Weiner has yet to renew his deal with studio Lionsgate, which in turn needs to negotiate a new pact with AMC.“I know that there’s a Season 5 and we generally go back [to work] around May, June…. We’re just waiting for the word on when,” says Christina Hendricks, who plays pneumatic office manager Joan Holloway. “I’m anxious to get back and see what happens with [Joan], and to work with all my friends.”

In fact, so much work needs to be done toward hammering out each of the two aforementioned deals that some fret Mad Men won’t be ready in time for its unusual summertime premiere. Hendricks, though, deems herself unqualified to broach that hot topic. “I’ve heard just as many rumors as anybody else about the scheduling,” she says. “It’s already a long wait in between seasons for the fans, so I hope they don’t have to wait any longer.”

Until Hendricks’ fans get their next Joanie fix, they can at least hear the actress voicing another fierce femme, ace reporter Lois Lane in the new All-Star Superman animated film arriving on DVD this Tuesday. Here’s what she shared with TVLine about assuming that iconic role:

TVLINE | Is your Lois plucky, strong-willed, hardheaded…?
Certainly! I think she has to be all of that, because that’s Lois Lane to me. If you’re going to play her, you must always remember those qualities about her.

TVLINE | What’s her take on dating the Man Of Steel (voiced by Desperate Housewives‘ James Denton)?
[Laughs] Well, it’s a life long dream, right? She’s been pining after him for years. And I think she holds her own with him, actually. She isn’t too intimidated.

TVLINE | What’s it like, as a voice actor, oohing and aahing over a Fortress of Solitude you can’t actually see?
This was my first time doing voiceover, so the oohs and aahs and sighs made me feel a bit silly at first, with the whole room looking at you. But the script was so well-written that it was very vivid as far as what these characters were responding to. One thing that was interesting to me is I enjoyed the movie so much that I forgot it was me a couple times. I was able to sit back and once in a while think, “Oh, wait, I’m Lois Lane. How cool!”

TVLINE | Did Jon Hamm (Mad Men) ever take seriously the talk that he might be cast as the next big-screen Superman? [The role instead went to The Tudors‘ Henry Cavill.]
I just heard that rumor the other day, at the premiere [of All-Star Superman], so I never got to talk to him about it. I’m sure he was flattered. He’d be a great Superman — he’s sure got the jaw line.

TVLINE | Do you have any films in the pipeline that you’re particularly excited about?
I just finished one called Drive, directed by Nicolas Refn and starring Carrie Mulligan (Public Enemies) and Ryan Gosling (Blue Valentine); I think it’s going to be really good. And right now I’m in New York shooting a movie with Sarah Jessica Parker called I Don’t Know How She Does It, which I think will be really nice. In that one I’m playing an overworked lawyer trying to do the balancing act of being a perfect wife and mother and friend, while in Drive I play a sort of bad girl who gets mixed up with the wrong crowd. She gets in a bit of trouble!