Admiring Christina Hendricks


Christina Hendricks’ Ports 1961 Quick Cameo at Bloomingdale’s

Christina Hendricks‘ incognito cameo at a fashion presentation last night was the result of a PR snafu, claimed a spokesman for the ladies clothing line last night.

The red-headed “Mad Men” vixen was set to headline the Ports 1961 Fall/Winter presentation at Bloomingdales last night but when she arrived her management requested no snapshots be taken and no questions be asked of the starlet despite confirming interviews the previous day.

“Her publicists got very controlling, and I had no role [in what happened],” said Ports 1961 President Jacqui Wenzel, adding: “She, herself, wants to be as giving as possible, but everyone has their management.”

The starlet’s management, 42West,declined to comment on the change of plans but apologized for the mix up.

Hendricks recently signed on to be the Fall feature model of London Fog. Although a rep for the luxury apparel line said they did not reach out to the starlet’s management about her plans to feature in Ports 1961 show, they praised her for her dedication to the brand.

“We are thrilled that Christina is the face of the London Fog and appreciate her loyalty to our brand,” said Dari Marder, chief marketing officer of Iconix Brank group, which represents London Fog. “We admire her interest in fashion, which is a natural extension of her role as a leading lady in Hollywood.”

Wenzel, the president of Ports 1961, said Hendricks took the snafu in stride.

“Once the word got out everybody got involved, and it was no longer casual, which was how it began. We were just thrilled that she agreed to come hang out with us tonight,” Wenzel said. “She came as a true fan of Ports 1961 then business took over. She was a really good sport.”

In attendance were many Mad Men fans, or just fans mad for Christina. One man darted through the crowd so the TV babe could sign a receipt. A student, Simone Colson, nearly got teary eyed when Hendricks posed with her in a picture, fanning herself with her hands.

“I heard she was not that nice but this showed me how nice she is. The wait was worth it,” said the enthusiastic fan. “I think she is beautiful. She is beautiful!”