Christina Hendricks joins Lucy Liu and William Peterson in Detachment

William Petersen, Christina Hendricks and Lucy Liu have all joined an ensemble talent in DETACHMENT. This is Petersen’s first film since leaving his highly successful role in the television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

The other two actresses also come from a television background with Hendricks in Mad Men and Liu getting her start from Ally McBeal. The indie drama will be directed by Tony Kaye and also stars Adrien Brody, Bryan Cranston, James Caan and Marcia Gay Harden.

The high school drama focuses mostly on the teachers working with their troubled students and centers around a detached substitute (Brody), who grows close to a homeless teen working as a prostitute. Hendricks will play a teacher who urges Brody to commit to teaching full-time and might be a romantic interest.

Bingo Gubelmann, Austin Stark, Benji Kohn and Greg Shapiro are producing the film, which began shooting in New York this week. ICM packaged the project and is selling North American rights.