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Sam Page on Christina Hendricks: “She’s amazing to work with”

Sam Page, who plays Joan Holloway’s husband, Greg Harris, talks in a Q&A session on the official site about the toughest scene he had on Mad Men and how it is working with Christina Hendricks.

Q: Isn’t everyone jealous that you’re the guy who marries Joan?
A: Whenever I meet someone I don’t know, they always give me that evil look like, “You’re not a nice guy.” But then everyone says, “Wow, but you do get to work with Christina.” That’s pretty fun, and she’s amazing to work with.

Q: That scene in which you sexually assault Joan.
A: That was in my second episode. I didn’t know that was coming up when I was cast. And then the next episode, as they were bringing me back, I ended up running into [writer] Robin Veith out somewhere, and she told me not to be upset about “what we make you do,” and I said, “Okay, I’m just happy to be back.” So I got the table read early, and I looked at a script and was paging through it, and my jaw hit the floor. It was not what I expected to be coming.

Q: How difficult was that scene for you?
A: Christina was so generous with the off-camera preparation and she couldn’t have been more helpful and understanding. For me, it was my second day on set on a show I’m a huge fan of, so she made it incredibly easy.

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