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Christina Hendricks’ Emmy episode entry revealed

All the nominated actors in series get to submit one episode from their previous season to be judged on. These are the episodes they chose for final voting.

Christina Hendrick‘ choice for last season of Mad Men is episode 3.06 – “Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency.

What do you think? Bad or good choice?

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  1. My wife died unexpectedly nearly five years ago. Last night I was over at some friends house and they were watching ‘Mad Men’. Had never heard of it before. Then all of a sudden this woman shows up and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as she is the near image of the love of my life. From the red of her hair to the to the shape of her body. A whole range of emotions flooded over me watching this woman (Joan) and completely ignoring my friends every time she was in a scene. I couldn’t wait to get home and search for the name of the actress who plays this bombshell in the show.
    Christina, if you ever find yourself in Texas….

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