“Mad Men” Season 4 – New Trailer

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  1. I am a mother of a 20 year old daughter who I love unconditionally!! I did my best to teach her how to combat the teasing of people who critisized her weight…she has endured this evil since the second grade. Now she is a proud, beautiful, intelligent woman who never questions her abilities, or importance. I may have started this self realization, but without ‘stars’ like Christina Hendricks my efforts would have been in vain. Thank you for being ‘you’…there’s nothing better. Just like my daughter Halie!! I love her dearly!! I only wish my mother had taught me to fight back instead of turning the other cheek. Her Godly views may have won her a place in heaven, but at the loss of my self-esteem! I wish I had the chance to win it back!

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