Christina Hendricks’ Emmy episode entry revealed

All the nominated actors in series get to submit one episode from their previous season to be judged on. These are the episodes they chose for final voting.

Christina Hendrick‘ choice for last season of Mad Men is episode 3.06 – “Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency.

What do you think? Bad or good choice?

What is “Mad Men”?

Christina Hendricks On Her Well Deserved Emmy Nomination

Christina Hendricks did not have much time to bask in the news of her first Emmy nomination before getting back to work at the show where she earned it.

The Emmy nominations were announced at 5:30 a.m. Pacific, and “I had to be at work at 6:30 this morning,” the red-headed “Mad Men” co-star said in an interview last night, “so I was drawing a bath when I heard about the nomination.”

She wasn’t expecting the Emmy recognition three seasons into the show, particularly after a year when her character, the sexy and super-competent Joan Harris, was absent much of the time because she had quit Sterling Cooper because of her loser husband Greg.

“The material was amazing, but I wasn’t there as much,” she reasoned. “I thought that might affect how people might pick.”
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62nd Primetime Emmy Award Nominations

The 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy nominations were just announced. And yes, our Christina got her nomination as Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series! Congratulations!

The other nominations for Mad Men are:

Outstanding Casting For A Drama Series

Outstanding Cinematography For A One Hour Series (Shut The Door. Have A Seat.)

Outstanding Costumes For A Series (Souvenir)

Outstanding Directing For A Drama Series (Lesli Linka Glatter for Guy Walks Into An Advertising Agency)

Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Drama Series (The Gypsy And The Hobo / Guy Walks Into An Advertising Agency)

Outstanding Hairstyling For A Single-Camera Series (Souvenir)

Outstanding Makeup For A Single-Camera Series (Non-Prosthetic) (Souvenir)

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series (Jon Hamm)

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series (January Jones)

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series (John Slattery)

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series (Christina Hendricks and Elisabeth Moss)

Outstanding Guest Actor In A Drama Series (Robert Morse)

Outstanding Drama Series

Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series (Guy Walks Into An Advertising Agency / Shut The Door. Have A Seat.)

Again, congratulations to Christina, the cast and the crew!

“Mad Men” Season 4 – First Promotional Cast Pictures

Just 18 days away from the season premiere and we finally have the first promotional pictures of the principal cast members of the 4th season of “Mad Men”! Enjoy!

Edit: Found one more thanks to

Gallery Link
Mad Men > Season Four > Promotional Photoshoots > S4 – Cast

Various Magazines Scans

I’ve just added in the gallery some new/old magazine scans featuring our lovely Christina Hendricks. Much thanks to for the majority of them. Enjoy!

Gallery Links
Magazines & Scans > 2008 – June 6: Entertainment Weekly
Magazines & Scans > 2009 – October: Self
Magazines & Scans > 2010 – February 1: US Weekly
Magazines & Scans > 2010 – February 8: US Weekly
Magazines & Scans > 2010 – February 10: L’Uomo Vogue

Christina Hendricks Covers Delta Sky Magazine

Christina and her co-stars are gearing up their promotional work for season 4 of “Mad Men” and luckily, she is appearing on several magazines as a result. Christina and co-star John Slattery are currently appearing on the July issue of Delta Sky Magazine. I’ve added scans and a new gorgeous photo shoot of Christina to the gallery so go have look.

Magazines & Scans > 2010 – July: Delta Sky Magazine
Photoshoot & Portrait Sessions > Photoshoots > Session #35

Christina Hendricks & Co-Stars in Entertainment Weekly

The first new promo picture from season 4 of “Mad Men” was released in the form of a two page spread in the latest Entertainment Weekly. Christina appears alongside Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss with some commentary by Matthew Weiner on their characters Summer Must List. I’ve scanned the bit and added it to the gallery.

Magazines & Scans > 2010 – July 9: Entertainment Weekly

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