“Mad Men” 4.01 – Public Relations – Screencaps

Sorry for the wait! I’ve just added in the gallery 133 screencaps from last night Season 4 premiere of “Mad Men”, 4.01 – Public Relations. Enjoy!

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Christina Hendricks is ‘fabulous’ role model says equalities minister

The size-14 actress, who plays feisty secretary Joan Harris, has refused to slim down despite calls for her to lose weight.

Jackie Stept, the actress’s mother who lives in Los Angeles, said the accolade was “lovely” and proved her daughter’s approach was right.

“I did always encourage her to be herself,” she said after being told of the MP’s comments, adding that she would tell her daughter she had been declared a role model in Britain.

The actress said of her mother: “She was very celebratory of her body. I never heard her once say ‘I feel fat’.”

In May, Hendricks was voted the “Sexiest Woman Alive” by female readers of Esquire magazine, eclipsing her fellow actress Megan Fox and Michelle Obama.

The Liberal Democrat minister cited Hendricks as she criticised the “overexposure” of skinny models, which she said was causing a crisis in “body confidence” among the young. The use of such models, as well as the routine use of airbrushing, meant that girls and women came under “dreadful pressure … to conform to completely unachievable body stereotypes”, she said.

Mrs Featherstone said: “Christina Hendricks is absolutely fabulous. Continue reading

“Mad Men” Season 4 – Additional Promo Shoots

Just added in the gallery three additional promotional photos from “Mad Men” season 4. Enjoy!

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Christina Hendricks on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”

After her appearance on “The View” in the morning, Christina was guest on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”.  Looking gorgeous as always, she talked about the upcoming season of Mad Men and about having her own doll.

Christina Hendricks On “The View”: ‘Facebook Drives Me Crazy’

Christina Hendricks was on “The View” yesterday (July 22) to talk about her role on Mad Men.

“It’s my dream job. You can’t ask for better material.”

She said she found her own nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series as unexpected.

“It was a huge surprise.  It was 5:30 in the morning, and my publicist called me saying, ‘You’re nominated,'” Hendricks recalled.  “I said I knew the show was nominated.  She was like, ‘No, you too, bozo!’  I was really surprised and excited.”

“Mad Men” co-star Elisabeth Moss was also nominated in the same category for her role as secretary-turned-copywriter Peggy Olson.  Elisabeth Hasselback wondered if there’s any friendly rivalry between Hendricks and Moss. Christina said there isn’t.

“From the very first episode, we’ve worked together,” Hendricks responded.  “She’s a sister to me.”

Comedienne and “View” guest host Alexandra Wentworth told Hendricks she’s Wentworth’s girl crush: “Both men and women love you,” Wentworth said.

“She’s a fun character,” Hendricks said of the self-assured queen bee Joan.  “She’s sassy; kinda mean, but in a way that you like.  It’s rare to see a character act so badly sometimes, but you still want the best for her.”

Whoopi Goldberg brought up the article Hendricks recently wrote for Esquire magazine, titled “A Letter to Men.”  In the piece, Hendricks mentions that “no man should be on Facebook.”

“Facebook drives me crazy,” Hendricks said.  “You go on a first date now, and then check someone’s status.  You see what they’re doing every day.  There’s no mystery anymore.”

She also said that it’s harder to naturally grow apart from people in your distant past.

“Why am I not friends with you on Facebook?  Because I stopped being friends with you fifteen years ago,” Hendricks joked.

“We want you to drink Scotch” was another piece of advice Hendricks offered men in her article.

“I think it’s very sexy,” Hendricks said.  “My husband drinks it.”

You can watch the whole episode on the Abc site.

“There’s No Crying in the Break Room: Life Advice from Mad Men’s Joan Holloway”

On Nerve there is a fun, video-based feature that highlights some of Joan Holloway‘s most memorable pieces of advice. Go watch it!

Christina Hendricks attends “Mad Men” Season 4 Premiere

Christina Hendricks was spotted arriving at the Season 4 Premiere of AMC’s “Mad Men” last night (July 20). Enjoy the photos!

Christina wore a black lace, high neck dress and black crochet pumps all by Dolce & Gabbana to the event.

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Public Appearances > Appearances from 2010 > July 20: Premiere Of AMC’s Mad Men Season 4 – After Party

Two “Mad Men” Season 4 Promos

Just added in the gallery 2 new promotional photos from the season 4 of “Mad Men“. Enjoy!

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Mad Men > Season Four > Promotional Photoshoots > S4 – Solo

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