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“Mad Men” 4.03 – “The Good News” – Preview

“Mad Men” 4.02 – “Christmas Comes But Once a Year” – Screencaps

I’ve just added in the gallery 211 screencaps from last night “Mad Men” episode, 4.02 – Christmas Comes But Once a Year. Enjoy!

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Mad Men > Season Four > Screencaps > 4×02 – “Christmas Comes But Once a Year”

“Mad Men” Promotional Stills

I’ve just added in the gallery 3 promotional stills from the new episodes of “Mad Men” season 4. They are from last night episode 4.02 – “Christmas Comes But Once a Year” and next week episode 4.03 – “The Good News”. Enjoy!

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Mad Men > Season Four > Episodes Stills > 4.02 – “Christmas Comes But Once a Year”
Mad Men > Season Four > Episodes Stills > 4.03 – “The Good News”

Christina Hendricks on the cover of British GQ

Christina Hendricks will be featured in the September issue of British GQ.

Here’s a preview of the cover and the photoshoot.

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Magazines & Scans > 2010 – September: GQ British
Photoshoot & Portrait Sessions > Photoshoots > Session #36

Plus an exclusive interview:

GQ: What’s more unpleasant on set – being in incredibly tight clothing or smoking fake herbal cigarettes?
Christina Hendricks: I adore the incredibly tight clothing! My own wardobe’s changed – I’ve streamlined a little bit and definitely learnt from Joan’s sleekiness and tailoring. As for the herbal cigarettes, for the most part I don’t smoke as much as the guys do. I’m usually just strutting around a bit more so I don’t actually have to be inhaling it. I’m lucky because I do have scenes where the cigarettes work beautifully to punctuate certain things I’m saying.

Obviously one of our all-time favourite scenes is the lipstick test in the two-way mirror in season one…
That scene is perfect for Joan. She’s controlling the women – she has more knowledge than them – and she’s also manipulating the men at the same time. I lean over and I quite simply show my ass to the men. When I read it I just thought it was so fabulous. I just thought, “How strong and amazing is this woman?”

Do fans expect you to be in character all the time?
Everyone assumes we’re always going to have a cocktail and a cigarette in hand. Fans expect us all to be dressed up all the time. They always say to me, “You look so young. You don’t seem as tall!” We have defined these characters – people always expect to see me in a pencil skirt. When they see me out of one – much like when they see Jon Hamm’s hair when it isn’t slick – they say, “Wait a minute, you’re all 2010!” Continue reading

Christina Hendricks: Joan is back where she belongs this season

With her shock of red hair, it’s hard to miss Joan Holloway. And yet that’s exactly the predicament “Mad Men” fans found themselves in last season as the smokin’ hot office manager quit her job and left Sterling Cooper to the wolves. Thankfully the just launched fourth season has placed Joan back where she belongs: running an office, sauntering through its halls and knowing everything about everyone who walks through the front door.

This week, the newly formed Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce hold its first holiday party and you can be damn sure Joan’s going to make it better than her going away party, which ended in tears. And bloodshed.

Despite her character’s reduced screentime last season, actress Christina Hendricks snagged a well deserved Emmy nomination thanks in no small part to an enchanting accordion performance. I recently had the pleasure of chatting with the beyond bubbly actress about her musical stylings, Joan’s journey in season four and if those Joan/Roger ‘shippers should hold out hope for a reunion!

PopWrap: Congratulations on the Emmy nomination — I was pulling for you because although Joan wasn’t in season three that much, the scenes she did have were electric.
Christina Hendricks: That’s exactly right – when Joan was there, the material was amazing. But there wasn’t a lot of filler. She came in with a bang but there were so many other [characters] to service. Her story was so rich and fantastic last year. It just was condensed.

PW: Would you agree that Joan lost herself a bit after she left Sterling Cooper?
Christina: Absolutely. I think season three was very much about Joan “getting what she wanted” and then discovering, “oh no, this is not how the plan was supposed to go.” Joan excels in the office. She’s respected as a woman and someone who keeps the ship running. But she lost some of that power, so she lost some of her confidence. There’s nothing more fun than being good at what you do and I think she missed that. One thing that I thought about Joan from the very first moment in the pilot is that she is someone who needs to be needed. So that moment at the end of season three was great because it felt like, “oh I’m needed again.” Continue reading

Women Rise to the Top in “Mad Men”

“Mad Men” may be named for the guys, but the women rule the roost.

Take Christina Hendricks‘ savvy office manager Joan Harris (nee Holloway), a glamour girl who choreographs her every move with the precision of a five-star general drawing up battle plans. Or how about January Jones’ frustrated housewife Betty Draper, whose icy veneer masks a woman constantly on the verge of coming undone? And of course, there’s up-and-comer Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss), a gifted copywriter finding her voice during the upheaval of the series’ 1960s-era setting.

As the critically acclaimed AMC series begins its fourth season, the Emmy-nominated trio chatted about auditioning, typecasting, and being women in a world of “Men.”


Christina Hendricks: It was pilot season. It’s that crazy time of year when we all go nuts. I had already auditioned for a bunch of stuff, and I was feeling depleted. I had gotten the script, and I was super excited and went to work on the audition with my best friend. I remember breaking down and crying because I was so tired. I was like, “I’m not doing anything with this role; I don’t know what I’m doing.” She helped me so much, so I had every word down and went in and enjoyed myself and had a really good audition. They brought me back to read the Midge role: the bohemian lover of Don Draper. At the time, they hadn’t decided which characters were going to be regulars on the show and which were going to be guest stars. I said, “I’ll take whatever one stays!” The women’s roles were so beautiful.


Hendricks: As I was reading the lines for Joan, I thought, “Oh, this is that kind of person that we all know that needs to be acknowledged, needs to be thanked. She needs a lot of attention.” I based that off her being kind of a know-it-all. I found out later that Matt had a different idea — I think she was a little more conservative and pinched and uptight, and I interpreted it in a different way. Thank God he liked it. After I did that, he started to write for her in that vein.


Hendricks: The reason this job is so fun is it’s always challenging. You never just show up to work and walk through it. Every day, it’s like, “Oh gosh, I get to do this.” Even the moments where you’re watching and listening are meaty.


Hendricks: It’s actually opened doors for characters for me. Before I played Joan, people thought that I was maybe a little too soft or sweet or vulnerable to play tougher characters. Now I play one of the toughest characters there is, so I’ve been reading scripts and being offered roles that are these really strong, aggressive women, which no one ever thought I could do before.


Hendricks: I landed the lead role in a pilot of John Wells’ called “The Big Time,” which was actually another period piece. It was set in the ’40s. It was one of those jobs where you work a 17-hour day, and at the end of the day you’re like, “Wait, I have to go home?” I think that proved to me that I had the chops and the stamina to go in and play a lead role and fully immerse myself into a character.

I remember, I went in to test for it, and there was a room of people testing, and John Wells walked in the room, and he was like, “I understand that this process isn’t human. I’m sorry for you guys because you’re all amazing. When you walk into the room to audition, please make yourself comfortable, take your time, don’t rush, make sure you give the best audition you can give.” I thought that was the nicest thing someone could come out and say, because you’re racked with nerves. Your palms are sweating, and you feel like you’re gonna throw up, and you’re looking at your competition sitting in the chair next to you. I remember walking into the audition room, setting down my bag. And they were like, “Wow, you really are taking your time.” I’m like, “John Wells said I could!”


Hendricks: I remember one in particular. It was pilot season, and it was a procedural kind of show, and I went in to play the wife of a cop. I had to break down and cry and all these things. I left so confident. I was like, “I killed that.” There are so few moments as an actor where you feel like in an audition you were truly there, you were so present and you really felt it. I got a call from my agent a couple hours later: “What were you wearing? The casting director was so offended by what you were wearing.”

Now, let me tell you what I was wearing: gray dress pants from Banana Republic and a navy-blue silk top from Donna Karan, which was the nicest thing I owned. It was a little low-cut, because most things are; I just happen to be bustier than a lot of people. It was very classy and very nice, and the casting director was so offended by my breasts that she called my agent and said, “I couldn’t even hear her audition because of what she was wearing.” I was like, “You pathetic woman. I just killed that audition so hard, and you’re so distracted by what I’m wearing that you didn’t see my acting. And I put on my nicest duds for you!”

If you want to read January Jones’ and Elisabeth Moss’ answers you can go to the source.

Christina Hendricks on “Live On KTLA”

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